iki naoseru nara

"if you get another chance,

kondo wa motto hito ni yasashikushiro!

"be more kind to people!"

hontou wa ii ko dattaro, Daryl boyya wa!!

"deep down you were a nice kid, Daryl!!"

Last Episode of Guilty Crown, episode 22

Last scene of Rowan and Daryl,

I cried over and over in this part ffffffff uhuhuuhuhuhuu because of that words, Rowan—fff.

He was just a one loyal soldier, always loyal to his bosses, but that isn’t always good. He realized that he had followed the wrong ‘leader’ who caused the whole plot, and I think that he can’t deny that fact or change it. He’s a really good, nice oniisaaannnn QAQ he help Daryl to escape because he knew that Daryl was just a kid inside, he still have many good side beside killer and sadistic. He was just lack of parents attention (his father was cheated to another woman) then he ‘played’ with Endlave to devote his anger/loneliness. 

uhuhuhuhu I like this part of Rowan, he look people from the positive perspective. QAQ.